Small Car Holder

Handling one’s vaporizer in the car can be very troublesome because it is often dropping all over the place and it can get crushed under one’s feet and small holder holderalso be difficult to access when needed. The small car holder however solves all these problems by making your vaporizer very accessible to you since you can stick it on anywhere you deem convenient and your vaporizer will always be near you.

If you are die-hard vapor who likes to vape pretty much all the time including when you are driving, you will seriously get addicted to this car holder and it is a very versatile item because it can be used for vaporizers regardless of what size they are. The holder adjusts itself depending on the size of the vaporizer and that is that. After a while you won’t be able to drive or go anywhere without sliding your vaporizer in this.

The major advantage that it provides is that you won’t need to compromise your driving skills whenever you are reaching for your vaporizer. It will be in front of you and will be easy to reach. The holder comes in a few different colors and it is really cheap making it a lovely investment if you are someone who loves vaping and who also vapes in the car a lot. You can buy one in the color of your choice for $4.99. There is an adhesive behind the holder which enables the user to stick the holder anywhere he or she likes.

You can choose between pink, green, white, blue and black. The vaporizers that this holder is compatible with are the Express, the Pro and the Pulse. The device may be very simple but it is truly genius the way it holds on to the vaporizer and makes it accessible to the user.