Small Leather Lanyard

If you have been a vapor for some length of time you know the hassle of not being able to just grab your vaporizer and start vaping. If you have to small leather lanyardfumble around in your purse or bag or kit for your vaporizer and supplies you are likely to get irritated. This is where the small leather lanyard comes in. It has been made so you can easily access your vaporizer as it will be hanging around your neck right where you need it to be.

The fact that it will be around your neck means that it will be accessible to you at all times and you won’t even have to worry about it getting lost.

Also if you have spent a fair amount of the vaporizer itself, it will also always be on display for other people to see and for you to be proud of your investment. Mostly the emphasis is on convenience though.

The other thing which is this leather lanyard is really brilliant for is all those special events when you have not a moment’s time to look around in your bag for your ecig but would rather have it around your neck so you can quickly vape and be done with it.

If you are likely going to be running around all day then the best option is for the vaporizer to be the most accessible that it can be.

In any case this is something you should have one of even if you are only going to be using it once a while on busy days. You never know when it might come in handy and it is definitely worth investing in as it is a mere $7.99. The lanyard will go a long way in making you more travel friendly as well as making you better equipped for the road and for moving around.

The smallest part can make your equipment look sleek and stylish.