Strawberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake covered with strawberries is a centuries old dessert which is still very much loved today. This vape is very strongly reminiscent of that straawberry cheesecake e liquiddessert and it never fails to make a strong impression. It will send your taste buds in a tizzy whenever you try this brilliant offering by a brand that knows what it’s doing.

There is a genius combo of cheesecake plus strawberries at work here so you get equal parts of creamy goodness as well as the freshness and juiciness of strawberries that have just been picked.

The taste is heavenly and you won’t want to vape anything else for the longest time. The combination of the juicy touch as well as the creaminess is very satisfying regardless of the nicotine strength you use in the blend.

The mouth-watering treat can be enjoyed in a number of ways which means you can alter the dose. Choose a double dose of cheesecake or a double dose of strawberries depending on what you feel like doing and the vape is wonderfully satisfying either way. It promises a rare treat and that is what it delivers.

Many people feel the flavor is more fruity than creamy and that works as a disadvantage to the entire vaping experience so you can always add a little more cream. The vapor production is considerable despite this being a dessert flavor. The throat hit is light but pleasurable.

The blend is very rich so if you are looking to vape this one several times a day, you will be disappointed as this one will not do the trick.

After a few consecutive vapes you will get tired of the flavor quite soon and will need to cleanse the palette and try another, preferably something with mint or menthol. Keep this as an after-dinner vape for best results.

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