Summer Lovin’

Electronic cigarette offer a freedom of choice to end user that few other mediums tends offer, especially if you ignore Hookah/Shisha. The ability to summer loving e liquidchoose each element that makes the whole vaping experience can be overwhelming but is beneficial a lot actually. It allows the user to tailor their vaping experience just the way they prefer it.

One of the elements that you can choose is the flavor and there are some truly epic flavors available. One of the more popular flavors is Summer Lovin’. This great flavor is of the premium flavor that VaporFi offers and is a collage of California sunshine mixed with lemon and a hint of raspberry thrown in the mix. The end result is an e-Cigarette refill that is unique, delicious and aromatic. California sunshine quenches that thirst for an exotic feel, while lemon tends to add freshness to further compliment that. The slightly tangy feel of raspberry helps end that the taste with a bang and a sweetness that leaves you craving for more. While the flavor itself is a collage of mere simple elements, it is truly one of its kind and it is something that is not be missed. If still in doubt, simply take a whiff of strong aroma that can be felt from the cartridge without even opening it and you will definitely want to try it.

In case you are still in doubt, let this fact concrete your decision, you can also get the flavor with customized nicotine content. A higher amount of nicotine tends to bring a harder throat hit, with a maximum of up to 3.6% available. Similarly while this premium flavors does not offer the ability to choose custom shots of flavors within the cartridge, several in fact nearly 80% of the flavors offer that so in reality you’re only getting what you want and nothing less. And if this wasn’t enough to satisfy any queries you might have had, let us tell you this, VaporFi uses kosher grade ingredients. This effectively means that the cartridges that they offer are of food grade quality if not above.

Not only do they offer great e liquid flavors, they use those same flavors to enhance other products.