Sweet Tobacco

Tobacco is undoubtedly one of the most popular flavors around because of the obvious reason which is that it is the closest you get to traditional Sweet Tobacco e liquidcigarettes and no newly converted vapor wants to pass up that chance.

As far as tobacco options go, Vaporfi is one of the better brands as they have a few different flavors you can try and sweet tobacco is lovely to say the least.

It is an easy flavor to smoke just about every day because of its smooth taste and less than powerful throat hit.

Unlike many tobacco flavors out there this flavor is definitely an easy vape and that is why it is so popular. The other thing which really places the flavor apart is that it is derived from the finest Cuban cigars.

The distinct flavor of the Cubans is meshed with dulce de leche to add a bit of sweetness which is pleasant and not too strong. The flavor is still by no means a dessert option and can be enjoyed at any time of day and is equally satisfying for most vapers that consume it.

For people that have a sweet tooth it is perfect and it is also a great one for people that are just converting to electronic cigarettes because the taste partly resembles regular cigarettes and with a higher nicotine dose, you can get a satisfying hit.

The flavor can be ordered on its own in 30mls bottles or it can be ordered in the 3 bottle sample pack that Vaporfi offers and this way you save money while getting to try out this exciting flavor. There is a perfect balance in the taste which is one of the best things you will find when you try out the flavor.

For people that used to smoke regular cigars before, the flavor will taste like a walk down memory lane.

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