TANK Systems Large Carrying Case

Carrying cases are some of the most useful items a vapor can possess but they help keep the entire vaping gear safe till the next use. If you storing the TANK Systems Large Carrying Casevaporizer and the battery etc without the proper protection in your purse, not only can the items incur damage, they will also be harder to find and will not function as well.

You get to hold all your supplies in here and since this is the larger of the two that are available in the range you will be able to get in a lot more products and there are a few more pockets for your needs and requirements. You can use it either everyday when you are going out casually or when you need to go to the office or you can use it for special occasions when you need to pack extra batteries and atomizers and the like.

Being able to organize your goods is the main advantage you get from buying this large carrying case because you are able to carry everything from extra atomizers to your battery to your e-liquid bottles and that means several different flavors.

You also won’t need to separate the tank from the vaporizer in order for the device to fit inside the case with everything else. In the case the Rocket II vaporizer will also fit which is not the case with the smaller case in the same range.

In $9.99 it is compatible with all Vaporfi models which means it will fit any vaporizer model at all which is not the case with the smaller carrying case which is not able to house some models like the Rocket II. It is stylish which is an added bonus and you will look good taking it out in public with your vaping supplies.

Keep up the performance of your equipment with this pack of supplies.