TANK Systems Small Carrying Case

Everyone needs a carrying case which can keep their vaping essentials safe for when they need them. Most brands make carry cases of the sort but TANK Systems Small Carrying Caseeither they are lower quality or the designs aren’t up to the mark but that is not the case with Vaporfi as the brand name is synonymous with quality and great, chic designs. This carrying case is also a hallmark to the same trend.

This is the smaller version of the same one in the larger size and it holds less but it is durable and secure just like the large one. It can be used occasionally when you need to travel or when you are going to be on a train or an airplane or you can even use it on a daily basis for going to the office or on a shopping trip. It is so small and convenient that you can slip it into your purse without any problems.

At the affordable price tag of $9.99 you get this great case that fits everywhere and looks great when you take it out in public and it has a gauzy filter side where you fit in extra atomizers or a charger or just about anything you like.

For some models of vaporizers from Vaporfi like the Rocket II this may be a tad bit too small but for most of them this is the right size and you can fit in all your regular accessories along with e-liquids. It works nicely for the smaller ego systems as well and seems to be made expressly for them.

Ironically the smaller and the larger size cost around the same but if you have a thing about size you may prefer the small size because of the convenience it brings and the fact that it can fit in most vaporizers especially if you separate the tank and then put in the device.

On case for you equipment, an express case for your accessories.