Most e-liquid brands offer something or the other in the tobacco department and Vaporfi electronic cigarettes and custom blends is no different. Their Tobaccolicious e liquidTobacco enriched flavor is different from the regular ones in the sense that there is a caramel and vanilla dose added in.

Tobaccolicious Review

Although caramel and vanilla are added in an equal dose to tobacco, the taste is still very toasty as it would be had it been roasted over charcoal smokes. The strong tobacco flavor is masked by the topping of caramel which is sweet and delicious and dangerously addictive. The vanilla adds a creaminess which is both refreshing and lovely.

Tobacco can be paired with just about any flavor but with caramel it is exceptionally tasty which is why it is so irresistible. You can take it with you anywhere you go as the bottles are all hard plastic and childproof which makes them wonderful for travelling.

The dessert type feel is undermined because most vapers tend to get tired of undertones which are too rich. Since this flavor is versatile it can take the place of both a dessert flavor and a traditional tobacco offering.

The taste has been compared to a 70s touch which means it tastes like chocolates back then and Easter eggs. With lower nicotine levels the effect can be all the more tasty although significantly less intoxicating. With higher nicotine settings the tobacco becomes very overpowering and the throat hit is much stronger and not so pleasant.

If a vaper prefers to enjoy this as a dessert e-liquid they can opt for a lower nicotine dose and get a double dose of caramel instead of tobacco. The e-liquid can also be mixed with fruity flavors for a more interesting touch.

The bottle does not break and the juice never leaks out as is the case with cheaper e-liquid companies. The packaging is made to last and last it does. Not to mention they are completely childproof and work brilliantly if you are going to be on the move a lot and need to carry your vaping items with you.

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