Universal Swirl Drip Tip

Drip tips are that part of the vaporizer that you simply cannot do without and these universal swirl tips give you a chance to make your vaporizer even universal swirl drip tipmore unique since the drip tips come in virtually so many colors that there is no chance of you confusing them with someone else’s. You can buy them in any color you want and there is quite a variety to choose from such as blues, reds and greens.

These drip tips are also an understated way to change up the look of your vaporizer as they come in funky swirly designs and also have nine different colors and often have two different colors in the same drip tip. Apart from being able to distinguish your vaporizer from someone else’s, you will have added a degree of individuality which feels great and will help you have more pride in owning the device.

The swirl drip tip is just like your vaporizer, it is unique and it caters to your needs. Drip drips are typically for a few basic functions. The first of these functions is to prevent leakages from the atomizers. Most vaporizers can become prone to a leakage which means that liquid or flavor starts pouring into the mouth which can be a very unpleasant experience. Drip tips put a stop to that and give you a smooth vape.

For a mere $2.99 you also get to refill your cartomizer with increased ease as the other function of drip tip is to refill the cartomizers with e-liquids once they have run out. You can also mix e-liquids this way if that is your thing. These tips prevent you from making a mess and they also help you be more precise. These particular drip tips are compatible with the Titan and the Platinum vaporizers along with a few others.

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