Watermelon Wave

Watermelon wave flavor is lightly sweet, juicy and a fresh tasting e-juice. This e-juice has a very natural and long lasting taste that leaves you mouth watermelon wave e liquidwatering. Imagine eating a fresh and juicy taste of a slice of watermelon during the summertime, on a beach day or BBQ, but now this taste can be enjoyed anytime beyond the summertime picnic. This e-juice is full of flavor would give you the most satisfaction in a way that it would make you want to surf the watermelon wave.

Watermelon wave has a wonderful aroma that makes you attracted towards the flavor. Watermelon wave gives you a fresh and cool effect. After you try it once, you will most definitely be trying it again. This flavor is great itself and when combines with other flavors especially marshmallow, it becomes even better. If you were a fan of the watermelon candies then you should try this flavor as it reminds you of the childhood memories and tastes like watermelon candy.

After a single puff of this flavor a wave of watermelon flavor will come crashing down your taste buds. The fusion of Watermelon wave flavor with hints of mint can give a cool finish. If you are looking for a fruity flavor then give a chance to this flavor to turn your vapor into the watermelon wave delight. Watermelon wave flavor has the most energizing taste that will make your summer easier.

Watermelon wave flavor gives the perfect throat hit and satisfies your cravings. You should try it once and you would surely not be disappointed by its taste. This watermelon wave flavor tastes great and you would want to try this again and again. This absolutely delicious flavor mixes well with cotton candy and other flavors. It has the exact fruity taste as the watermelon with its mouthwatering aroma and sensation that is heavenly.

This trio of flavors mix together beautifully. It is definitely worth a try.