Watermelon Zest Candy Crush

This is a fruity blend which surely turns heads because of the smart flavor combination which has been used. The mix is that of watermelon, cotton Watermelon Zest Candy Crush e liquidcandy and lemon and the end result is irresistible. You are unlikely to find such an interesting combination anywhere else and this one definitely makes a statement.

The theme is very much based around the tropical island feel and the vape feels like a cocktail you’d have in the simmering summer on the beach or in some other exotic location. The vacation theme makes the vape an utter delight for long work days when you are the furthest thing from being on a vacation.

It has been made for more experienced vapers who have been vaping for some time because it is not the most satisfying. The flavor itself is undeniably delightful but in terms of satisfaction it does rank low.

You can partly remedy this by adding more nicotine or adding an extra dose of lemon but the effect is rather temporary and you will feel the need to vape more often to compensate for this shortcoming.

Candy is ironically the strongest element in the entire combination and it really stands out making the flavor perfect for candy lovers. For others however the juiciness of the fruit is weighed down by the candy making it more of a disadvantage rather than anything else.

The realistic taste is another thing you will find in this flavor. It tastes exactly like it is supposed to and as the image on the official website of Vaporfi suggests. The taste is very realistic and you do feel like you have a wad of cotton candy stuck in your mouth. Depending on your personal preferences, this can be both a great thing and a not so great one.

You can adjust any of the elements and add more doses of the ones you like but the flavor is quite the delight just as it is.

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